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Data consultancy was started as a small unit stepping in providing services in the field of non-voice Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in Trichirapalli, Tamil Nadu, South India. We started to serve our clients in the field of digitalisation, type setting, epublishing, multimedia, and web development. Through the years of working with various clients from different verticals and domains, we have developed processes, procedures and methodologies that help us to meet and exceed each client’s expectations. By combining our extensive experience and technological expertise, we provide our clients with cost effective, efficiency and top quality solutions and services that help them improve and sustain their business performance and achieve a competitive advantage.

Data Consultancy Services is being functioned with the cooperation of its best people who are termed as its assets to do competitive, profitable and sustainable businesses. The commitment, dedication and innovative contributions of our employees make our company one of the leading and preferred service providers in the IT industry. We employ a diverse group of individuals with varied experiences from many cultural, educational and professional backgrounds, which in turn brings together a rich variety of skills, experiences and perspectives.

At Data Consultancy Services we work in a culture value and promote innovation, collaboration, team-spirit, and fun at work. Our talented and motivated people make our concern a great and friendly place to work; this in turn allows us to deliver on time to clients.

We at Data Consultancy Services strive to care our client’s requirements in such a way that they get satisfied in our work delivery in regard to the time, quality and cost effective. We concentrate in various area of functions such as Business Process Outsourcing, Designing, Small creative animation clips, Responsive website development and hosting.


Ebook Conversion

eBooks have changed the way to read, purchase books, and manage them. The technical know how to develop the ebook requires a well design and editorial expertise. There is a prescribed format, design, and device for creating ebooks. We at Data Consultancy Services do ebook conversions, typesetting, ebook enhancement and ebook development.

Copy Editing & Proofing

To improve the formatting, style and accuracy a editor has to perform copy editing. Spelling corrections, correcting punctuation and grammar errors, preserving the style and figures, maintaining the reference and legends, checking the manuscripts and ensuring the text flow are the process to be performed in copy editing. Proofing is done to ensure that the job is accurate to our customer’s expectations. Correcting spellings, typographical errors, wrong numbering, word usage errors with regard to subject are the process performed in proofing.

Content Conversion

Data Consultancy Services can transform pages of electronic and printed material into flexible, searchable digital assets in expertise of subject matter meet the highest quality expectations. We can easily and efficiently convert the printed materials, application files, content databases into html, xml, ebooks, websites and cd-rom.


The software used for scanning documents, photos by are highly sophisticated that the colour correction, manipulation of image and line art scanning is done with high quality. We can also do the scanning between 100 DPI to 600 DPI in colour, bitonal and grayscale formats. We have lab to scan with the capability from various sizes into tiff, jpg, pdf formats.

OCR & Indexing

Data Consultancy Services offers data capture services from printed and handwritten sources, such as paper, scanned images and microfilms with a motto to give quality accuracy.


Multimedia Production

Using right images, conceptual diagrams, animations, video and sound effects make eLearning more effective. We at Data Consultancy Services do the audio, video editing, walkthrough, graphic work and small animation work to the make the custom content suitable the client’s requirements. We also do conversion of audio files, conversion of video files into various formats that are suitable to load online with quality and light weight. We are do digitalisation of audio content from gramophone old storage model to new era content and from video tapes to DVDs.

Graphic Design

We at Data Consultancy Services provide the contents in visual form. We can provide graphics contents with quality. We have creative experts to do the graphical work with a core objective to the customer’s satisfaction. The readers can get great visual experience by our expert team work. We can provide Image creation, Children’s art, Creative Illustrations, Ad Design, Brochure Design, Logo Design, Book Cover Design, Book Layout Design, Flyer Design, Poster Design, Technical Drawings, Architect Drawings, Colour Corrections, Cover Design, Improving Resolution, Virtual Home Design and Walk Through.

Web Development & Hosting

Web Design

It’s a known fact that the website plays a very important role in growth of the business. Customers can get the clear idea and the features of your services and products through the website.  We at Data Consultancy Services strive to offer websites at cheap rate with quality. Innovative and creativity makes us success in this field of business. We care your growth with our designing techs.  We do designing static, dynamic, video streaming, ecommerce websites as per your requirement and reach the market in wide rage. We also do SEO services to meet the present standards in the field of online marketing.  We can provide you the websites to reach the mass through our SEO services at a very cheap rate along with our designing and hosting plans. We can create websites fully in flash, interactive and with animation.  We can design customized forms for your needs and make your website more popular and reach the market in mass.   We provide our clients a wide range of services related to Web Marketing through Search Engine Optimization. This service can your website in the top listing related to your product or services using the keywords related to your business services.  Search Engines can generate 90% of internet traffic, and for huge visitors to come into your website by using the back links tech process.


We have flexible hosting plans to suit your needs and can guarantee a success and uptime rate of 99%


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